Photographic Memory

Make your Child a Memory Genius!
Learn 10 times Faster and Remember More than ever…It’s really really easy to be a Memory Master!!!

  • Is your child a slow learner?
  • Does your child forget everything when writing exams?
  • Is your child not interested in studies or a particular subject?
  • Is your child unable to memorize syllabus?
  • Does your child suffer from fear of exam?
  • Does your child need regular motivation to study?
  • Is your child not confident?
  • Does your child dislike school or teacher/s?
  • Is your child stressed?
  • Does your child suffer from some fear or phobia?
  • Does your child suffer from such bad habits as nail biting, thumb sucking, pencil chewing
  • Do you, as a parent, don’t know how to establish rapport with your children?
  • Are you at a loss when it comes to understand your children’s behavior about school, studies, teachers o parents?
  • Do you want to help your child?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you can make your child stress-free and happy about studies…by making your child memorize 10 times faster and by instilling patterns of confidence, motivation, liking for school, studies and teachers in their minds.

Why be a Memory Genius!

Our schools teach us what to learn but not how to learn! And when it comes to exams, children are judged on the basis of what they can recall. Isn’t it true? More than 70% of the times, children know what is asked in the exams but they tend to forget everything! It can be because of fear of exams, low confidence, poor concentration and retention abilities, or just a lack of interest in studies!

Train your brain the way it wants.

Learn the art of Photographic Memory and Become a Genius!!!



“A scientific workshop to unleash your potential of memory.”

Photographic Memory Workshop  is an extra-ordinary process to bring out students’ potential and abilities by which students understand & learn very easily and quickly.

The workshop is based on Guru-Kul  Educational System in which students are trained how to use right and the left brain simultaneously. Normally We use 10% of our brain power  in our life. With Photographic Memory process, one can enhance the usage of brain and also increase grasping power . In this workshop we transform a student into a winner.After this workshop students finish their targets in a very short time. Students can easily learn, understand and can recall  faster what they have memorised.

This workshop is based on understanding Brain Powers, Scientific learning techniques, Meditation, and Motivational lectures.

Benefits of Memory Workshop :

§All mechanism of memory
§Secrets of Memory Power
§Link System of Memory
§Acronyms System
§Remember Names & Faces
§Remember Foreign Language & Vocabularies
§Peg system of Memory
§Remember Long Digit Numbers
§Remember Birthdays & Imp. Dates
§Remember Mob. Numbers
§Remembers Appointments
§Remembers Maps and Biological figures
§Remember Dateline & General Knowledge.
§Remember science Phenomenon & Facts.
§How to Study & Prepare for the Exam
§Remember Elements and Atomic Numbers.
§Remember Essays, Speech & Long Answers.
§Fast Reading
§Remember Distance
§Quickly Remember 200 Digits
§Remember whole book
§How Memory Works (so that you can improve it!)
§Making the boring subjects interesting by learning in a fun way
§How to be more confident for exams
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