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About Us

We are an education Centre offering professional whole brain development courses aspiring to uncover the latent potential of our younger generation, with the firm belief that proper right brain training will be immensely beneficial for children in unleashing that wondrous creativity within them, thus further complementing the country’s commendable education system. Based on extensive researches and years of training experience carried out in japan, our comprehensive training program is designed to empower its students (4-16 yrs. old) with the tools that will increase their memory and the key that will unlock their creativity. We believe Mankind is on the verge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness, to a whole new way of thinking and being that will put us as far above our present concept of “man” as modern man is above our stone age ancestors. Until roughly the present time, the forces of evolution have been external to mankind. Whether we think of these forces as essentially physical/biological, or essentially spiritual, in either case we have not consciously directed the course of our own evolution. This is simply where the journey has brought us. We have grown in knowledge and power beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors, but our wisdom has not kept pace. In fact, it might be argued that human wisdom has taken giant steps backward since the astrological, shamanistic and mystical traditions that flowered thousands of years ago.


KAPIL SAHU is the Founder of Mind Sense India

An Educator,  Clinical hypnotherapist, Mind Trainers business consultant, much-sought-after speaker, successful entrepreneur and a peak performance consultant to organizations, individuals and professional sports teams.

He inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true potential. 

He’s professional and has trained more than 10,000 people with this brilliant sub-conscious reprogramming methodology. He can take over your mind like anything, he never forgets but can make you do so easily, Let the secrets Unfold . . .

Since he was 19, he started learning about the power of mind and human Subconscious Potential. He is one of the youngest Clinical hypnotherapist  in the world, started practicing and training people in Hypnotherapy at the age of 20 years. Now he is a established Practitioner, Mind Power trainer & Subconscious Coach in India . His creative intent never kept him quite and his constant striving towards becoming a accomplished force in the field of Hypnosis makes him stand apart from his counterparts. He does not believe in just giving motivation to the people as it’s just a conditioning rather he works to re-anchor the blocking paradigms at the subconscious level.