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Become a Memory Genius!
“A scientific workshop to unleash your potential of memory.”
Become a Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist!!
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Director Message

We are here to provide our students with unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow in their respective fields through traditional and educational culture. Superior instruction with superior outcome is one of our objectives.We believe in combining excellence with innovation in all our offered programs, Abacus being one.

Mid Brain Activation

» Midbrain is the part of brain which has got special command over both hemisphere of brain located highest side of brain stream.

» By activating or stimulating mid brain we get some balance between right    and left brain which enable child to live balance life with great sensory enhancement resulting to superb concentration, speedy   reading  and photogenic memory

» Improved Memory Power

» Enhanced Concentration Power

» More articulate thinking style and sharper mind

» Stress Management during Revision and Homework

» Objective Making & Goal Setting

» Self-Motivation Techniques (Optimism)

» Metaphorical Thinking & Power of Visualization

» Balancing the use of Conscious & Sub-Conscious Mind… Read More

What Our Clients Say

"Amazing experience, I was not sure whether to attend as was not sure whether it would help resolve my issue but it helped massively".
"It is with Grest Pleasevre & Enthasism that i am writhing it endorse Dmi Assessment reporting,I being a Professional have also been a teacher as well as a mentor."
Srishti Bala
"It is easier and effective “re-wired” the solution way they deal with their problem. It is the total focus on what is being said and experienced here at Mindsense"
Prof Rustam
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Why DMIT ?

The full form of DMIT is, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. This will helps in understanding a unique inborn potential and personality. DMIT Technique Read more…

Courses we offer

Currently we will offer the following programs for school: – DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) Midbrain Activation (Basic) / Memory Enhancement Program (MEP) Abacus Other Programs Provided by us- Psychometric Testing Photographic Memory Program (PMP) Read more…

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